Scientific Writer

We’re looking for an exceptional scientific writer and editor to play a key role in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research (SC) at the Broad Institute. The Stanley Center aims to exploit the most advanced technologies for human genetic analysis to study psychiatric disorders in order to understand disease mechanisms, identify potential biomarkers, and ignite needed progress in therapeutics. The Stanley Center is organized into intellectually porous teams based on principal disciplinary areas of focus including: Genetics, Stem cell-based models, Neurobiology and animal models, Technology development and genome-scale neurobiology, Therapeutics, and Clinical trials. In this position, you will work to contribute intellectually to major research initiatives. We are hoping to find a scientific writer who can be a resource for the SC broadly to help with translating our exciting research into everything from grant applications, annual reports, manuscripts and website content. You’ll also engage with a growing community of writers at the Broad to diversify your skills and make connections between projects.