Sumaiya Iqbal

Sumaiya is a post-doctoral research associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Analytical and Translational Genetics Unit at MGH. She is advised by Mark Daly and Florence Wagner, and her research work helps bridge the genetics and therapeutics groups within the Stanley Center for Psychiatric disorder through the integration of excising computational methods and development of novel techniques to map genetic variants from sequence to tertiary structure of disease associated genes. Her research is broadly focused on genome-wide interpretation of disease-associated variants on the 3D structure to annotate structural motifs and characterize evolutionary constraint 3D sites to guide therapeutics target identification. Sumaiya received her Ph.D. in Computer Science (2017) from the University of New Orleans, LA with specialization on Bioinformatics and Machine Learning. During Ph.D., her research investigated the detection of intrinsically disordered proteins or regions in proteins using machine learning techniques. Further, she developed bioinformatics prediction methods for identifying peptide-recognition domains in protein sequence that bind with short peptide-motifs through induced folding to form transient interactions.