Mitja Kurki

Mita is a software engineer transformed into bioinformatician with general research interests in application of genomic and computational methods to elucidate the genetic basis of complex diseases. His current projects focus on intellectual disability, Alzheimer’s disease, familial migraine and intracranial aneurysms. A long-term goal of his research is in development of Finnish genetic reference database ( and nation- and phenomewide genetic analyses utilizing extensive Finnish health care registries. He is a Senior Group Leader, leading the genetic analysis team in a large  project, which aims to genotype 500 000 Finns and couple the genetic data with health registry data of each participant. These activities will contribute to a reference database used in rare variant studies, powerful phenome-wide association studies elucidating genetic basis of health and disease and eventually hopefully as a step in realizing the promise of personalized medicine in the future.

He has previously worked as a software engineer in startup environment, researcher in laboratory of functional genomics and bioinformatics, University of Eastern Finland and as a bioinformatician in NeuroCenter,Kuopio University Hospital, Finland. “