Aoxing Liu, PhD

Dr. Aoxing Liu is a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute, advised by Dr. Mark Daly. In her PhD training in quantitative genetics from Aarhus University, Denmark, Aoxing worked intensively on classical animal breeding topics such as heritability, GxE, and breeding value estimation (PRS in humans). Gradually, she noticed that she would like to understand more about what’s happening inside the “black box” and decided to switch her research to human genetics. During her stay as a postdoc at FIMM, Finland, she worked with international collaborators on mosaic X chromosome loss with data from about 1 million female biobank participants; she was amazed at how genetic analyses at a population level can help to infer the story happened in cell division and expansion. She wants to learn more and more about these types of phenotypes with human genetic analyses! At ATGU, Aoxing will focus on understanding the chromosomal origins and clinical consequences of two sets of underexplored phenotypes — sex chromosome abnormalities and mosaic chromosomal alternations particularly those of the autosomes.