Novel Development in Whole Genome Sequence Analysis

The “Novel Developments in Whole Genome Sequence Analysis” seminar provides a digitized, sharable, expert and paper-oriented discussion that aims to bring together researchers interested in novel methods to analyze and interpret whole-genome sequencing-based studies.

The meeting will take place every first and third Friday of each month from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern time (11:00 am PST, 8:00 pm CET). The meeting will be streamed live to allow remote presenters and audience to participate. For each session, we will invite two experts on a specific topic to present their work for 15 minutes each. We will then have 30 minutes for discussion, where the audience and the moderators will ask questions to the presenters and share their experiences on the topic. The meeting is highly informal and presenter can decide their preferred presentation method.

As often as we can, presenters’ talks, slides and audience discussion will be made publically available.

With this meeting we aim to collect a set of expertise and tools that will benefit the community of researchers performing studies with whole-genome sequencing data.





Friday, December 2nd, Time:14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET 

Whole Genome Sequence Studies: Promise and Perils

Alisa Manning, Andrea Ganna, Laurent Francioli, ATGU

Friday, December 16th, Time: 14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET

Annotation Methods

Amalio Telenti, HLI

Friday, January 6th, Time: 14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET



Goncalo Abecasis, Umich

Ida Surrakka, FIMM

Friday, January 20th, Time: 14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET

Rare variant annotation and contribution to the genetic architecture of complex traits

Steven Gazal, Harvard

Friday, February 17th, Time: 14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET

Topological domains and mapping enhancers and promoters

Jesse Engreitz, Broad

Luca Pinello, MGH

Friday, March 3rd, Time: 14PM EST/ 11AM PST / 8PM CET

Methods for rare variants

Han Chen, Harvard

Loukas Moutsianas, Sanger

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