Churchhouse, Claire

Claire Churchhouse, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Claire completed a doctorate in the department of Statistics at Oxford University under the supervision of Jonathan Marchini. Her thesis focused on statistical methods of ancestry deconvolution in admixed populations, and developed an analytical tool, MULTIMIX, to infer local ancestry for any number of ancestral populations. She moved to the Broad Institute in 2012 as a postdoc in David Altshuler’s group where she developed QC methods for untargeted metabolomics data, and studied associations between the metabolome, genetics, and type 2 diabetes risk. In early 2015 Claire joined the Neale group as Scientific Advisor, responsible for helping Ben in driving the scientific strategy of the group and for supporting all group members across a diverse range of projects.

Outside of work, Claire love to row and train with a Cambridge-based rowing team at Riverside Boat Club. She also enjoy competing in the odd triathlon, doing a bit of gardening, and trying (in vain) to train her dog to listen to her.


Kosmicki JA, Churchhouse CL, Rivas MA, Neale BM
Discovery of rare variants for complex phenotypes.
Hum Genet. 2016;:ePub - PMID: 27221085